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Maa Bricks

Maa Bricks is the first social enterprise targeting youth in the Mara. The goal is to provide training and job opportunities for young people.

Maa Bricks was conceived by the Maa Trust and partner organization Builders of Hope out of the mutual desire by both organization to improve housing conditions in the Maasai Mara region whilst making them more eco-friendly and affordable. It was envisaged that the project, making compressed soil blocks, would create employment and empowerment opportunities for local youth, by enabling them to play a role in the growing housing and construction sector.

The youth are now making bricks commercially, making them self-reliant and economically empowered. In March 2019, Maa Bricks received its safety standard approval certificate and the first trial building was constructed – a satellite office for Maa Beadwork. In 2020, Maa Bricks were used to construct the Maa Vocational Training Centre.

The next stage is working to reduce the production cost of the bricks to make them more competitive in the market and developing a project business plan to achieve financial sustainability.

By the Numbers

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bricks produced for the Maa Trust HQ.



weeks needed to complete a brick (on average).



bricks produced per day.