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Maa Bricks

Maa Bricks is The Maa Trust’s first social enterprise targeting youth in the Mara. The goal is to provide training and job opportunities for young people in the construction industry whilst simultaneously providing more environmentally sustainable and affordable construction practices.

40 young men were trained in the production of hydraulically compressed stabilised compressed soil bricks. Youth then received further training and internship experience constructing using the bricks, learning masonry skills. In March 2019, Maa Bricks received its safety standard approval certificate and Maa Bricks have now been used to construct a vocational training centre, staff accommodation, personal houses and beadwork satellite centres.

The next stage is working to reduce the production cost of the bricks by permanently locating the equipment at a site where the raw materials are locally available, and power is available. This will make them more competitive in the market. We are also seeking a contractor who is interested in adopting the enterprise as The Maa Trust does not have the capacity to become a construction company as interest increases.

By the Numbers

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bricks produced for the Maa Trust HQ.



weeks needed to complete a brick (on average).



bricks produced per day.

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