Education & Skills

Empowering Maasai women, youth and children with the knowledge and skills needed for poverty alleviation. 

Concerned about poor schooling and limited employment opportunities for youth, Maasai elders called upon the Maa Trust for assistance in developing a program to improve schools and develop vocational training opportunities.

Some children are never given the opportunity to go to school, and many of those in school drop out before reaching the end of secondary school – especially girls. Child marriage, child pregnancy, female genital mutilation and child labour are major factors causing drop outs. The children’s programme focuses on addressing causes of children not being in, and improving the quality of education in the Maasai Mara. In addition, women and youth are empowered through capacity building, skills development and career guidance.


The Education and Skills pillar encourages inclusive and equitable quality learning opportunities within communities in the Maasai Mara through two programmes: 


children currently being supported through primary or secondary school.


percent of young girls across the Mara are still undergoing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). 


dollars per year to completely transform a child’s life through the scholarship programme.


youth trained as peer mentors


women engaged in capacity building

because of Wildlife.

Encouraging inclusive and equitable quality learning opportunities for communities in the Maasai Mara.

Education & Skills

Children's Programs

The children that we support through our scholarship programme are collectively one big family, focused on mentorship, conservation and social welfare.

Beyond the scholarship programme, The Maa Trust is working to address child rights abuses, ensure that all children attend school, and receive a quality education. This is achieved through the provision of essential infrastructure, materials and the upskilling of teachers. In 2020, The Maa Trust will start training teachers in essential IT skills.

Education & Skills

Youth Empowerment

Youth aged 18 to 35 did not receive land during subdivision and allocation. The lack of land ownership, in a pastoral community, prevents livestock keeping and results in an identity crisis for Maasai youth. Alcohol, drugs and gambling have become worrying trends amongst youth in the Maasai Mara. Research with youth identified training and employment as a way to give the youth a renewed direction in life. 

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Education & Skills

Vocational Training Center

We are very grateful to IEEE Smart Village and Sidekick Foundation for funding the construction of the Vocational Training Centre, which showcases Maa Bricks. This is the first building constructed as part of the Maa Empowerment Hub.
The Centre is due for completion mid-June 2020 and already being used for community meetings and training events. From July 2020, The Maa Trust and Maa Beadwork operations will be located in this new facility.

Education & Skills


The Maa Trust continues to train and equip women with microfinance skills, linking them to the Women’s Enterprise Fund. 

In addition, The Maa Trust is training women and youth in entrepreneurship, through the Street Business School curriculum. This nine part, six month, training programme teaches anyone, regardless of their education level, how to start and run a micro-enterprise.