Our Team Members

  • Terry Davidson,

    Chairman of the Board

    Terry Davidson comes from a banking background, working for Citibank for many years as well as being the CEO of Kenya Commercial Bank. Today, Terry is theoretically retired but still sits on numerous boards. He has been the chairman of The Maa Trust for many years, having taken over from founder and friend, Ron Beaton.

  • Dr. Morompi ole Ronkei

    During a ten year period at the University of Oregon, Morompi ole Ronkei completed a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in journalism. Since returning to Kenya, Dr. Morompi ole Ronkei has served with Compassion International in different roles for over ten years serving for six years as area director of programs for Africa Area. Ole Ronkei is a well-respected Maasai elder and his input in invaluable.

  • Jackson Looseyia

    As a young man, through support from the Trust’s founder, Ron Beaton, Jackson rose to become one of the first Maasai guides in the Mara and is now a partner in a safari camp. He is particularly well known through being a presenter on BBC’s Big Cat Diaries. As a conservationist, Jackson is a great asset to the Trust’s board.

  • Lorna Buchanan-Jardine

    Lorna first came to the Mara as the assistant manager of a safari camp in Olare Motorogi Conservancy, where she worked for four years. During this time her interest in the sustainability of the Maasai communities alongside wildlife developed considerably, until her passion lay more with conservation than with tourism. Lorna worked voluntarily with The Maa Trust to set up the beading groups that became Maa Beadwork.

  • Greg Monson

    Greg Monson is managing director of Kicheche Camps, which have camps in three conservancies in the Mara. He is also chairman of the Olare Motorogi Conservancy management board. Greg represents the vital link between conservancies and the Trust.

  • Alyssa Popat

    Alyssa is Head of Projects & Facilities for Simba Corporation, a diversified East African conglomerate in Motor distribution, Hospitality, Financial services and Real Estate. She currently sits on the Advisory Board of the Simba Foundation, the corporate social investment arm of Simba Corporation that aims to create sustainable opportunities for empowerment of African communities. 

  • Neil Anthony

    Neil is a Senior Human Resources Executive. Having worked for many large companies, including Novartis and Pepsico, he is currently Chief Human Resources Officer and Special Advisor to the President in AGRA. Neil has only recently joined the board of The Maa Trust, but we really appreciate his support and enthusiasm.

  • Brian Kearney-Grieve

    Brian brings a wealth of experience from the Sidekick Foundation as one of TMT's funders. His previous experience included supporting non-profit organization in strategic planning, organization development and implementing good governance, financial and monitoring and evaluation systems.


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