• Africa Digna promotes a dignified life for African people in Kenya and Rwanda, providing local social entrepreneurs with financial support for self-sustainable projects in health and education. They provide organisations, including The Maa Trust, financial support to enable them to carry out projects of direct intervention that take into account the final beneficiaries. Together we have undertaken water and school infrastructure projects across the Maasai Mara.

    Africa Digna
  • Africa Exchange is a long-term partner of The Maa Trust in the USA. Africa Exchange shares our passion for the conservation of critical natural environments and resources in Kenya and for enhancing the welfare and capacity of the people entrusted as guardians of those resources. They provided development and infrastructural support for Maa Honey and Maa Beadwork, as well as renewable energy solutions for our operations. We are extremely grateful for this support and we look forward to working with Africa Exchange going forward.

    Africa Exchange
  • Angama Foundation created the Greatest Maasai Mara photography competition, which supports TMTs children and youth programmes.

    Angama Foundation
  • Asilia supports causes, including The Maa Trust, in the areas where they operate that are essential to the continued existence of Africa’s wild places. Asilia Giving supports our scholarship programme and work on child rights, school infrastructure and our social enterprises, especially Maa Beadwork.

  • Basecamp Explorer Foundation is a non-profit organization working with local communities to safeguard nature. Basecamp Explorer Foundation is part of the Basecamp Explorer Group, operating through sustainable tourism. Basecamp Explorer Foundation helps with strategic fundraising for the relevant projects where they run their tourism businesses. Basecamp Explorer Foundation is supporting The Maa Trust’s Vocational Training programme, and community capacity building with women.

    Basecamp Explorer Foundation (Norway)
  • CHASE Africa is a UK based charity working to enable women and men in fragile rural environments to access basic healthcare, empower them to choose the timing, number and spacing of their children and also support environmental sustainability. Through support from the Tristen Voorspuy Conservation Trust, CHASE Africa is the main funder for The Maa Trust’s Integrated Community Healthcare Project

    CHASE Africa
  • Crossing Borders is an Austrian organisation focused on supporting children and young people in less-developed regions by improving their educational opportunities. Crossing Borders began supporting The Maa Trust’s Child Rights programme in 2020.

    Crossing Borders
  • Thanks to fundraisers arranged by Exodus Travels and supported by Kicheche Camps, $63,000 was raised for a community rainwater harvesting project in Oloosokon Community and enterprise development underneath the roof space.

    Exodus Travels
  • Great Plains Conservation Foundation is financially supporting the conservation holiday clubs for children in the trust's scholarship programme three times per year. These events enable the children to learn about and appreciate the wildlife that is supporting their education.

    Great Plains Foundation
  • Hemingways owns Ol Seki Camp in Naboisho Conservancy and is supporting mobile medical camps for the Integrated Community Healthcare Project.

  • I&M Bank Foundation supports needy deserving projects, institutions, and individuals around Kenya. It is supporting Maa Beadwork social enterprise which engages 579 Maasai women
    in an environmentally sustainable livelihood.

    I&M Foundation
  • IBM provides The Maa Trust with pro bono management consultancy to help identify and address areas of process improvements and advise on go-to-market strategies. Over the last three years, IBM consultants have helped The Maa Trust to formalise business processes and further design strategies to expand its social enterprises.

  • IEEE Smart Village supports the world’s energy impoverished communities by providing a comprehensive solution combining renewable energy, community based education and entrepreneurial opportunities. The Maa Trust is fortunate to have been selected as a community entrepreneur to which IEEE Smart Village provides seed capital. In addition to funds, IEEE has a global network of experts in all areas of electrical engineering and are always on hand to provide support remotely or in person.

    IEEE Smart Village
  • The Maa Trust collaborates with Kenya Wildlife Trust, and especially their Mara Predator Conservation Programme that is our HQ neighbour on wildlife conservation education.

    Kenya Wildlife Trust
  • The Maa Trust works in collaboration with the Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association which is a membership organisation of all the Mara conservancies. Their aim is to support these conservancies and conservation areas through political lobbying and coordinating efforts to address overarching challenges such as land use and livelihoods. We are currently working together on vocational training and capacity building projects.

    Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association
  • The Maa Trust is partnering with Naboisho Conservancy to incorporate 85 women from Nkoilale Community into Maa Beadwork.

    Naboisho Conservancy
  • Although the reach of the trust has increased over time, Olare Motorogi Conservancy is very much at our heart. The trust was initially created as the community outreach arm of the conservancy and we continue to work together closely. We regularly meet with the conservancy management to discuss any arising community issues and many of our interventions are targeted to address these challenges to conservation and wildlife. The five camps within Olare Motorogi Conservancy: Porini Lion, Kicheche Bush, Olare Mara Kempinski, Mara Plains, and Mahali Mzuri, support TMT with a $5 bed-night donation for all guests. This unrestricted support is essential to the ongoing operations of the trust and all of its programmes.

    Olare Motorogi Conservancy
  • Remembering Wildlife is a charity book series which includes Remembering Elephants, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Lions and in 2020, Remembering Cheetahs. Their mission is to create the most beautiful books on a species ever made and then, sell those books to raise awareness of the plight facing that species and funds to protect it. The Maa Trust has received support from Remembering Wildlife towards mobile medical camps in the Integrated Community Healthcare Project.

    Remembering Wildlife
  • Rotary has previously supported TMT to construct a community infrastructure project and we are currently developing a large WASH project with various clubs around the World.

  • Sidekick Foundation works to protect and restore endangered wildlife species and within the Mara they work closely with the Mara Elephant Project. We are delighted to have a close relationship with Sidekick Foundation and the Mara Elephant Project to support their practical work saving elephant with complementary community interventions.

    Sidekick Foundation
  • The Maa Trust Charitable Foundation is the UK arm of The Maa Trust who help with awareness raising and fundraising for the trust in the UK.

    The Maa Trust Charitable Foundation
  • Tusk Trust is dedicated to working with local partners to protect wildlife while reducing poverty and providing educational opportunities throughout Africa. By partnering with local organisations, including The Maa Trust, Tusk Trust is combining conservation, education and community programmes to make positive change – one step at a time. Tusk Trust has been a continued supporter of the trust for many years and together we are making great progress with conservation-based community outreach work in the Mara.

    Tusk Trust

Supporting Organizations & Partners

The Maa Trust partners with many brilliant organisations. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we collaborate with experts in the various fields in which we work. These include:

Partnering Camps

By coming on the holiday of a lifetime, you can support The Maa Trust. All camps in Olare Motorogi Conservancy generously support us through a $5 per client per night donation. These amazing camps are:

Kicheche Bush Camp

Olare Mara Kempinski

Virgin’s Mahali Mzuri Camp

Mara Plains Camp

Naboisho Camp

Encounter Mara


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