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How We Work

At The Maa Trust, we believe in research-based development and undertake detailed baseline and endline assessments so as to both quantify and qualify our impact.

Our team has spent years going door-to-door asking thousands of ordinary people for their views, needs and aspirations. We listen carefully to what they say, think and ask for, and we act on this, rather than what donors want to give. We also believe in an open access policy.


On this page you will find academic research undertaken by The Maa Trust staff, interns and research associates as well as monitoring and evaluation reports and The Maa Trust's annual reports. It is essential for The Maa Trust to continually assess and modify the work that it is undertaking to ensure that the desired outcomes and impacts are achieved. We are at the forefront of sustainable development monitoring and evaluation methodologies including social return on investment and Acumen lean data approaches.




Academic Research

Tenna Axelsen's recent research in collaboration with The Maa Trust reveals significant insights into family planning uptake among the Maasai communities in Maasai Mara. Despite progress, information gaps persist, particularly concerning men's roles as decision-makers and their perceptions of family planning.

Download Tenna's Masters dissertation

Karoline Nielsson Kvist spent 4 months with The Maa Trust completing fieldwork for Aarhus University, Denmark. Her Masters thesis in Human Security focused on, "Barriers to Uptake of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Remote and Rural Kenya."

Download Karoline's Masters dissertation

In 2015, Katie Hartin, a Masters student from the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh interned at the Trust and assisted with the Up-skilling Youth research.

Download Katie’s Masters dissertation.

Our CEO, Dr. Crystal Courtney, undertook her Ph.D. in the Maasai Mara, completing in 2014. She assessed perceptions of the relationship between conservancies and development.

Download Crystal’s PhD thesis

Crystal’s Masters degree looked at the definition of ‘ecotourism’ and assessed the extent to which the Olare Orok Conservancy conforms.

Download Crystal’s Masters dissertation

Academic Research

TMT Research & Reports

In December 2017, The Maa Trust repeated the 2015 Baseline survey with women engaged in our Sustainable Livelihoods to analyse the impact of the social enterprises, specifically focusing on the conservation outcomes. The report summarising the findings is available here.

In 2015, The Maa Trust undertook two research projects that were commissioned by MMWCA and funded by Basecamp Foundation Kenya:

  1. Population Growth and Settlement Management. Download this report.

  2. Up-skilling Youth. Download this report.

TMT Research & Reports
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