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Vocational Training Center

The Vocational Training Centre will be operational July 2020.

We are very grateful to IEEE Smart Village and Sidekick Foundation for funding the construction of the Vocational Training Centre, which showcases Maa Bricks. 47,000 bricks were produced by the social enterprise for the construction of the centre.

The Maa Vocational Training Centre will transform the lives of hundreds of Maasai women and youth, empowering them to secure employment and support their families.

The Centre is now complete and already being used for community meetings and training events. The Vocational Training Centre is fully operational, The Maa Trust and Maa Beadwork operations have relocated to this new facility.

The Vocational Training Centre includes an IT hub with 25 computers, which will be used for training youth and teachers in digital literacy.

The two staff housing facilities have also been completed, each with six bedrooms and washing facilities. The staff accommodation has also been built using Maa Bricks.

By the Numbers

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Bricks made to construct the Maa Vocational training Centre



women being trained in beadwork skills form the Vocational Training Centre



laptops in the IT hub

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