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Rotary International Partnership

The Maa Trust is in the process of working with a consortium of partner Rotary Clubs within Kenya and internationally to develop a Global Grant project to address water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) across the Maasai Mara. This project will help to prevent water-borne illnesses and improve the lives of 20,000 people through adequate provision of WASH infrastructure, training, and education.

This project is critically important in the Maasai Mara because:

  • Only 17% of residents have access to a latrine

  • Only 25.8% of residents obtain drinking water from a safe source

  • Women spend an average of 80 minutes a day collecting water

  • Only 10% homesteads current collect over 500l rainwater but 96% have appropriate roofing to do so

  • Average water utilization is currently 11.6l per person per day, below the WHO recommendation of 15l pp.

  • Many school and work days are lost through water-borne illnesses

The proposed project will address these issues by:

  1. Creating a WASH Training Centre of Excellence for the Maasai Mara to demonstrate:

  • Natural Spring Rehabilitation

  • Solar-powered borehole

  • Community Rain Water Harvesting (CRWH)

  • Natural wastewater treatment systems

  1. Providing access to clean, safe water for human consumption through the construction and improvement of community water projects benefiting 8000 people

  2. Educating 2500 community members on WASH, MHM (menstrual hygiene management), and CLTS (community-led total sanitation)

  3. Constructing WASH infrastructure in 2 schools and improving existing projects in 15 others benefiting over 8000 pupils.

  4. Educating 4000 students on WASH, MHM, and CLTS, including a WASH warriors club pilot in 5 schools.

If any other Rotarians or Rotary Clubs are interested in joining the international consortium working together to make this project a reality, kindly Contact: Dr. Crystal Mogensen, CEO, The Maa Trust


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