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Staff Housing Construction

In May, a long-awaited project to construct 12 rooms for Maa Trust staff finally started. Staff are currently living in very bad and overcrowded conditions and with the relocation of the trust to the new site, we recognized the need to build better housing for the team.

The Maa Trust greatly values its team and aims to provide quality facilities for its employees so that they are able to fully execute their role at the trust and serve the community to the best of their ability.

“If you treat your staff well, they will be happy and happy staff are proud staff, and proud staff deliver excellent customer service, which drives business success.”
Sir Richard Branson, CEO of the Virgin group.

Specific funding was donated for this project, and we are extremely thankful to Franc and Eli Kiefer, and Robin and Stella Podmore for supporting the staff housing construction.

Just like the construction of the Vocational Training Centre, hydraulically compressed soil Maa Bricks are being used to construct these houses. The houses will use 11,000 bricks, providing essential employment for local youth during the economic crisis brought by Coronavirus. In addition, six youths from the Maa Bricks social enterprise are working with the construction team to learn new skills, including masonry, welding, and carpentry.

Due to the Corona pandemic and subsequent government regulations which led to the closing of The Maa Trust office and discontinuation of most activities, we are using this period to construct the houses as it provides an opportunity to observe social distancing during the construction.

We are very happy that the houses are due for completion by September 2020.


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