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Tumate Soit, The Maa Trust’s Head Quarter (HQ) Cook

Tumate Soit is The Maa Trust’s valued cook. He joined the Trust six years ago, in 2015. As well as keeping all staff well fed and watered, Soit looks after any guests visiting our HQ.

Tumate started working at a tourism camp in Maasai Mara as a dishwasher in 2009. After working there for two years, the Head Chef of the camp decided to mentor and train him as a cook. He trained him for one year and equipped him with the knowledge and skills required to be a good cook. He was then promoted to a cook working under the Head Chef.

After working there for five years, Tumate applied to work as The Maa Trust’s cook.

“Working at The Maa Trust is a great opportunity for me. At my former job, I was working under a Head Chef, this limited me as I had to follow instructions and couldn’t make any independent decision. But here at the trust, I am the only cook, this allows me to grow, and learn how to make my own decisions in the kitchen. I cook great meals for the team, and when I see them enjoying the meals, I feel happy” Tumate Soit.

I have learnt a lot from practical experiences and continue to grow more every day. I am grateful to the Trust for giving me this opportunity to grow my career.

The Maa Trust's Staff Testimonials

“Soit cooks the best Ugali and beef. Whenever I eat this meal, I feel happy and appreciate his skills in the kitchen!” Vincent Oduor Okoth, Maa Beadwork Leather Artisan.

“Soit’s pancakes are delicious and something to look forward to for breakfast. His chapatis are exceptional and homely.” Isen Kipetu, Project Officer- Gender.

“He cooks great porridge on Saturdays, my favorite meal is Ugali and beef. Thank you Soit, you are the best.” Godfrey Okech, Maa Beadwork Leather Artisan


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