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Livelihoods Skills Training

There is a great need to diversify livelihoods in the Maasai Mara to cushion families against shocks in tourism or pastoralism.

Social enterprises are very intensive to initiate and support. When Covid-19 hit and many people lost their jobs, we identified the need to coordinate skills based training for women and youth. This includes entrepreneurship training through the Street Business School programme, technical skills training in hydroponics, mushroom growing and soap making through Maa Enterprise, and selling eco products door to door through eco iko.

The goal of the livelihoods skills training programme is to diversify livelihood opportunities for community members through technical and business skills training.

Learn more about:

Street Business School (SBS) Entrepreneurship Training 

eco iko 

Maa Bricks 

Maa Enterprise 

By the Numbers

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graduates of Street Business School



plants can be grown in a single grow bag in elephant-friendly kitchen gardens



cost of one hydroponics system

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