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Millicent Takai

Maa Beadwork Leather Artisan

Millicent comes from Talek and has been a member of Maa Beadwork for over five years, during which she also lent her talents to the Maa Beadwork Leather department on a casual basis. Recognizing her keen interest and potential in leather craftsmanship, the head of the department selected Millicent for a comprehensive six-month in-house training programme aimed at honing her skills as a leather artisan. This led to her promotion to Artisan Assistant in January 2022 and subsequently to a full-fledged Leather Artisan in January 2024.

In her role, Millicent is involved in crafting leather goods, applying her knowledge and creativity to produce items that are both beautiful and functional. Before joining Maa Beadwork, she gained valuable customer service and organizational experience working at Zebra Plains and Mara Leisure.

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