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‘Enduatta’ Street Business School (SBS) Class of 2021 Graduation

The Maa Trust held an SBS graduation ceremony for the Enduatta 2021 class on July 1st at Aitong Center. After completing the six-month business training, 25 members were awarded certificates. There were six men and nineteen women graduates.

The graduates and their trainer, Isen Kipetu, began the celebration by singing and dancing around Aitong Centre. The members were overjoyed at their accomplishment, and several people of the community joined them in their celebration. The grads were ecstatic; some had never attended school or received a certificate before. As a result, this was a significant milestone for them. The graduates finally took their seats, and the ceremony began.

“I would like to extend a warm welcome to our guests at the Endutta 2021 graduation ceremony. We've gathered here today to honor the accomplishments of 25 members who are skilled in business management. They received business training for six months. The members have received extensive training on how to ensure that funds given to them are returned with good business profits.
I am grateful to the graduates for the time and effort you put into the six months of business training. The patience and respect you demonstrated by closing your businesses for two hours every two days of a week. You've all been an amazing class, and during our Coaching visits, we've interacted and shared business experiences that will help your business succeed. I am proud to refer to you as a coach. This is not the end of our meeting sessions and events, but rather the start of a new path for us as the Endutta 2021 class,” says Isen Kipetu, Gender Project Officer.

The area chief, area elder, and a representative from our partners, The Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) Narok West field officer, were among those in attendance.

“There are numerous financial opportunities for entrepreneurs like you. For example, acquiring WEF group loans and Local purchase order (LPO) financing for a member with a tender is simple. Within ten days of applying for the loan, the Member will receive 60 percent of the tender fees.” Mr. John Lepore, a field officer for the WEF in Narok West.

Following the speeches, graduates were presented with their certificates before proceeding to a hotel to celebrate with a good meal, drinks, and a cake. As a token of their appreciation, the team thanked their trainer, Isen, and presented her and the other Trust staff with various gifts.

By sparking entrepreneurial potential, the SBS training strives to reduce poverty. When attempting to address poverty-related issues in the community, the typical first answer is, "I don't have the funds to support myself, thus I can't address these issues." Individuals are encouraged to step beyond their comfort zones and make positive changes in their lives through igniting entrepreneurship in their communities. This is accomplished by putting community people through a six-month intensive training programme on how to build confidence and teaching business skills, which will lead to self-sustaining enterprises in our communities.

The next SBS recruitment will begin on July 26th, 2021. Nkoilale will be the location of the training. Please send an email to to register. REMEMBER, THE TRAINING IS COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.


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