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A Three Day Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (ASRHR) Training in Maasai Mara

This month, The Maa Trust did a three-day Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRHR) training in Rekero, Ole Sere, and Nkoilale through our partnership with Chase Africa. The overall goal of the ASRHR Program training is to promote the sexual and reproductive health status of all adolescents.

The training involved topics such as the prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections, Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM), life skills, peer pressure management, and Female Genital Mutilation. Good sexual and reproductive health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being in all matters of the reproductive system.

The Maa Trust's commitment to addressing the issues affecting Adolescents is in line with the various legislative and policy frameworks. These include the Constitution of Kenya (2010), Sexual Offences Act (2006), Children’s Act (2001), Counter Trafficking in Persons Act (2010), Prohibition of FGM Act (2011), Person With Disability Act (2003), HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act (2006), Marriage Act (2014), National Reproductive Health Policy (2007), National Youth Policy (2007), Sessional Paper No. 3 on Population Policy for National Development (2012), Gender Policy in Education (2007), Kenya Health Policy (2012-2030), Kenya Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (2013-2017), Education Sector Policy on HIV and AIDS (2013), National School Health Policy (2009), National Gender-Based Violence (2014) and Kenya Vision 2030.

We continue to appreciate Chase Africa's partnership that makes it possible for the ASRHR trainings to take place.


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