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The whole world is working towards the Sustainable Development Goals, one of these agenda has the aim to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all. It requires a strong commitment, but the benefits vastly outweigh the cost. Healthy people are the foundation for healthy economies and it is essential for building prosperous societies.

Communities at different urbanization levels differ in their demographic, environmental, economic, and social characteristics. Residents of more rural areas often live further from healthcare resources but that does not outlook their need of good health services. Inhabitants of Aitong and its surroundings are experiencing such challenges. To address this challenge and work towards SDG 3, The Maa Trust and other Partners are coming together to improve Aitong clinic. The clinic has significant infrastructural, operational and community outreach needs. These are three primary areas that Aitong Health Project will aim to address.

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Several pictures showing the state of Aitong clinic📷

Strategic priorities that the Maa Trust is applying is to design, develop and support the construction and operation of a high quality medical facility for the Maasai Mara. Aitong Clinic will excel in terms of design, eco-status, public-private partnership operational structure and the standard of care that will be offered. The clinic design will also be constructed through sustainable eco-construction methods, compressed soil bricks and using local labor.

The first step that The Maa Trust has taken to get this project off the ground was to hire a project manager. Ezekiel Karino is the new Aitong’s Health Project Coordinator. His main roles are engaging with local community and coordination with other key stakeholders, creating an operational plan for the clinic and working with a health planner to translate the needs assessment into an architectural brief for the clinic. Ezekiel is also working closely with Amref to develop a community healthcare strategy that will prevent occurrence of health problems.

The partners in Aitong Clinic project include Simba Foundation, Amref Health Africa, community health partners, Gertrude’ Hospital Foundation, The Narok County Government, the Aitong Clinic Committee and The Maa Trust. 

The aim of this project is to provide quality preventive and curative healthcare for Aitong and the surrounding Mara community with a focus on child and maternal health as well as family planning.

If you are interested in receiving the proposal for this project once it is complete in a few months time. Please contact:


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