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Maa Beadwork Staff Trained in Order Management, Photography, and Report Writing Skills

Over the last week, Maa Beadwork team has been trained on beadwork order management, photography, and report writing skills. This training was facilitated by the funds donated by the I&M bank Foundation for the capacity building of Maa Beadwork staff.

The training will help the staff to reach their full potential which will enhance the capacity of the social enterprise. This institutional strengthening will also help the team to develop the skills and tools that they need to plan, manage and improve internal systems. This in turn will ensure that best practices are undertaken effectively and efficiently.

The team was trained on the process of filling an order which describes the different production stages:

“We are very grateful to I&M bank Foundation for facilitating this training. We are hopeful that the lessons learnt will improve our work efficiency. Maa Beadwork activities are interlinked. It helps when the team is trained and able to work together and support each other at every stage of the production process.” Resian Letoluo, Maa Beadwork Manager.

The team was trained on how to capture photographs of their work and activities to document project progress and impact in reports and other media. This will improve their work and their report writing. This will improve their work and their report writing.

“I am glad to learn about the whole order process. I have learnt about how to write reports and to make them presentable using photos and other techniques. This will help me work and report more efficiently and effectively. It will also help me improve my writing skills and to work well with my teammates as our work mostly relies on each other at each stage.” Simaloi Saitoti, Maa Beadwork Operations Officer.

This training is timely as Maa Beadwork strives to keep the 579 members of Maa Beadwork active so that they are able to continue working and supporting their families during these difficult times. To achieve this, Maa Beadwork is developing a stockpile that will ensure that once tourism picks, we have ready products for sale.

In the absence of tourism in the Maasai Mara, Maa Beadwork is working to develop new and enhance existing sales platforms. This includes partnerships with designers, international wholesale sales, and potentially international retail sales. This market diversification will hopefully increase orders, and in turn work and income for the artisans. With this capacity-building training, the Maa Beadwork team will now be in a strong position to effectively manage new orders that are placed.


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