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September 2021 Programmes Report: Street Business School

The street business school's general objective is to ignite entrepreneurial potential within business members to eradicate poverty. A total of 20 SBS classes were conducted from March to June 2021. The classes had the following modules taught to a total of 25 members from Aitong.

Topic covered during the classes include:

Module 1 – Getting out of your comfort zone.

Module 2 – Business opportunity Identification.

Module 3 – Finding capital and starting small.

Module 4 – Recordkeeping and bookkeeping.

Module 5 – Market research.

Module 6 – Business Planning.

Module 7 – Growing your customer base.

Module 8 – Money management.

In addition, baseline, midline and exit surveys were taken during the six-month training using the Taro app. The exit survey after all the classes were done showed that 89% of the students had managed to have at least one business. The income for the students had also increased by 78% after the street business training.


SBS Success Story

“Before joining SBS training, I thought that the more I lend to customers, the more customers I will get. But during the training, I learned that lending can sometimes lead to business closure. I went back to my business and made a decision not to lend anymore, so many people already owed me a lot of money that I almost closed my business, but after this decision, my shop has grown so much and I have so many customers. To imagine I almost closed my shop and where I am today, all I can say is, SBS should reach more women so that they can learn what I have learned and pull themselves from stagnant businesses that do not grow. Thank you Maa Trust.” Judith Nasieku, SBS member Aitong cohort.

The Aitong SBS Enduatta 2021 cohort graduated on the 1st July. 25 trainees graduated (plus one member of the 2019 alumni class of Enyuatta in Talek) and were given their SBS certificates acknowledging that they had completed the 6 months of business training. The graduates comprised 6 male members and 19 female members.

The event was graced by different guests including the Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) Narok West officer. With the group members trained in business skills, the WEF Officer pointed out that it was easier to acquire the WEF group loans and LPO financing for a member with a tender where they would be serviced with 60% of the tender fees within ten days of applying for the loan. He also added that WEF can support the graduates running businesses to do exchange visits in other regions that expose them to learn new business skills.


Nkoilale SBS Cohort

In July, the second 2021 SBS cohort was recruited at Nkoilale. The first step was to introduce SBS to Nkoilale stakeholders, including:

1. Nkoilale area chief.

2. Nkoilale “Mama and Mzee kijiji”

3. Nkoilale Bishop Representative.

4. Nkoilale 3 influential leader.

5. Nkoilale women’s crafts centre women representative.

6. Nkoilale women’s crafts centre director.

In the meeting, Isen introduced The Maa Trust projects and Street Business School. The classes at Nkoilale commenced with 35 members.


SBS Trainer Refresher Training

SBS TARO Works Course refresher training

On the 3rd of March, the Maa Trust Lead SBS Coach was retrained on how to feed in the SBS work to the SBS TARO works app. The two hours training was facilitated by the Street Business School M&E Team led by Coach Nina from the GCP Team.

SBS New Materials Training by the Global Catalyst Partners in Uganda

The Global Catalyst Partners developed a new workbook making slight changes to the training materials that were received during the SBS Lead Coaches Immersion workshop held in Uganda. The New SBS Workbook ensured that COVID 19 strategies to cope with the new challenges that emerged would be taught to members.


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