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September 2021 Programmes Report: Talek Youth Friendly Center (TYFC)

In 2020, we secured funding from Addax and Oryx Foundation (through CHASE Africa) for an Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (ASRHR) project. The project aims at providing safe spaces for youth and adolescent to access SRH information and services. The Talek YFC has adopted a clinic model which uses infrastructure at a clinic facility as a hub for health, economic, social and academic support for the youth and adolescent. The center is located in the Talek CHP facility and an MoU was signed between CHP and TMT on the project implementation, management of the center and sustainability.

In April a youth coordinator to manage the centre was recruited. The youth coordinator was selected by the youth and the community elders.

In addition:

  • 50 peer mentors were selected according to villages.

  • Village representatives and the peer mentors’ working committees were selected by the mentors

The peer mentors attended a five day mentorship training programme on mentorship and ASRHR.

Over this period, we successfully conducted five different stakeholder meetings involving youth, community and CHP from the introduction of the project, its impacts on the implementation of the action plans.

So far, the mentors who were trained through the stewardship of the Talek Youth Friendly Centre (YFC) have conducted thirteen different village ASRHR training workshops over this period. As part of this programmes, we have visited schools to tell them about the activities. So far, thirteen schools, both primary and secondary, have requested to be included in the mentorship program.

Construction of the Youth Friendly Centre began in June 2021 and it is due for completion at the end of September, when we will then start fitting it out. We are expecting to launch the centre at the beginning of November.


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