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Maa Beadwork members and staff are on their toes, as they run up and down to meet one of the largest order that the social enterprise has ever received. The order from Mara Tatu includes belts, dog collars, dog leads and homeware.


The main material of Maa beadwork, beads

The production such if leather items has three fazes; it starts in the leather department with the cutting of the leather, trimming to their actual size and stitching of the edges. The second stage is taking the items to the field where they are expertly beaded by the women, under the supervision of the field team.  Lastly, the items are returned to the leather department for finishing which includes gluing of the leather lining, smoothing of the edges, dying, final stitching and embossing. The finished items then undergo a final quality check and the item is ready for labelling.

In the field, thirteen groups totaling 250 women are involved in this order. These ladies are all in the highest of Maa Beadwork’s three skill categories. Maa beadwork field staff visit each group and give them the new items to bead. The beaders are guided on the required patterns and any new techniques. After one week, the items are collected and the next products are handed out to them. The rest of the Maa Beadwork members, in lower skill categories, are busy at the moment with other orders from Asilia to make10000 bottle idenfication elastic rings and wire accessories.  They are also working on items for the Maa trust sales outlet for the higher season.

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Maa Beadwork Women, doing what they know best ‘Beading” at HQ

When such a big order is placed, it is exciting because all women are busy and this translates to high returns and therefore better lives for the women and their families. The women are grateful and would wish to have the same continuous beading of items that they have at this moment where after they complete one. We hope to continue developing fruitful partnerships with camps and designer so that we ensure that all members of Maa Beadwork receive a regular reliable source of income at all level that will have a significant impact on their lives.

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One of the field managers, Rose Sairowua, stated that ‘A big order like this one is very beneficial, the women are busy and after the work they will get a larger amount of money from their work, most of them have items they were saving for such as tanks, gas or even the M-Kopa solar lights. This order will enable them to purchase these things easily and have a sustainable livelihood.

The Maa Trust is grateful to Mara Tatu, Asilia, and all other camps partners and guests that are giving the Maa Beadwork women employment and allow them sharing their beautiful art with the world.


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