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Words of Narropil Murunya (Maa Beadwork Member Since 2013)

When I first joined Maa Beadwork, I was not earning as much compared to now. The reason being, there wasn’t much work for us to do then, but as the project keeps growing, there’s been an increase in my earnings as I’m now beading more items due to increased orders and also because of my hard work. Increased income has had a positive change in our lives positively.

From the recent beadwork payment, I have used the income earned to start a business of selling shukas (Maasai tartan cloth), shoes, and other items every market day-which earns me regular income and now I’m able to pay for my four children’s’ school fees and school uniforms. As a family, we are now able to afford most of our needs. I invest back the money earned through sales to expand my business. All my children attend school. There was a time when my eldest son would frequently be chased away from school due to lack of school fees but that has since stopped and it’s because of the increased income I receive from Maa Beadwork and my business.

Using income earned from the beadwork payments, I have been able to buy chairs, a bed, and a mattress for our house. My family is proud of me because of the good progress I’m making in work-both in beadwork and my business and how it is transforming us for the best. They are very happy for me when I am going to receive items to bead when it is our group’s turn to receive work. They encourage me to ensure that I submit the beaded items in time. They are supportive of Maa Beadwork as they can attest to the benefits and the positive impact of it.

In the future I aspire to keep educating my children and to build a stone-walled house for my family, the good thing is that through Maa Beadwork I know I will be able to achieve this. I know I am getting all these benefits because of the wildlife, that’s why I encourage other women to love and protect animals and educate my children about the importance of wildlife conservation, yes, I am a proud wildlife ambassador.

Due to COVID-19, which led to the closure of Maa Beadwork and the market where I sell my Shukas, my life has been difficult as I am not able to provide for my family, getting food was not an issue before but now it has become a struggle. I thank God that The Maa Trust gave us food that was donated by Sidekick Foundation which helped us during these difficult times. Now that Maa Beadwork has resumed work, I will be able to earn an income again. I understand that I will not be able to earn a good income as before because there are no tourists that normally buy our beads, but I am optimistic because The Maa Trust is fundraising to pay us monthly and match our earnings with food which will help us during this pandemic.

If you would like to support Narropil and other Maa Beadwork women during this pandemic, please follow the links below to donate.

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The Maa Trust Charitable Foundation:

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Sidekick Foundation:

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