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Youth and Adolescents Training on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Standing is Ntimama Maatany, Education and Skills Project Officer, The Maa Trust

On Monday, 22nd March, The Maa Trust Trained youth and adolescents from Talek, Mpuai, Indoinyio, and Irbaan communities on FGM. The training was aimed at equipping the youth with knowledge on their role in the eradication of Female Genital mutilation (FGM) and other child rights violations.

Standing is Lester Linti, Trainer.

“As a girl, being circumcised adds nothing to your life, you should learn that it is your right to say NO to FGM. According to the ‘prohibition of FGM act 2011’, no woman should be subjected to any form of FGM whatsoever. It should be noted that just like stealing or killing, FGM is a crime.” Lester Linti.

The youth were trained on peer psychosocial support strategies that minimize Stigma and how they can support those that have already undergone FGM while protecting those who have not.

“As a survivor of FGM in this community, I have witnessed the pain and trauma of FGM first hand. What the FGM cutters did to me was so barbaric and I pray that no other girl will have to ever go through that kind of pain. I will advocate for the abandonment of FGM in my community. Thank you The Maa Trust, because your child counselor, Isaac Tobiko, has equipped me with skills, knowledge, and the capacity not only to cope and overcome the trauma but also on how to support and protect others.” Tira Jane, youth.

The training also included behavior change communication strategies that resonate with communities, child rights, and the prohibition of the FGM act 2011.

Standing Left is Isaac Tobiko, The Maa Trust’s child counselor.

“It is so fulfilling to see and feel the positive response of the youth in the fight against FGM. I believe the youth hold the key to cutting the demand for FGM by accepting and normalizing that uncircumcised women make good wives and mothers. The youth can also help advocate the fact that FGM adds no value to a woman and through them, FGM will be nothing but a myth.” Isaac Tobiko, The Maa Trust’s child counselor.

After the training the youths agreed on the outcomes below:

  • A better coping mechanism on adolescent and youths who have chosen to speak and act against FGM social norm;

  • Participants will be equipped with the knowledge to deliver anti-FGM messages which are correct and precise;

  • A better understanding of the Child Rights and the Law;

  • Reduce demand for FGM by accepting women who have not undergone FGM;

  • Identification of adolescent youth that will go through the ARP process.


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